About Orange West

Allow me to tell you how I can help you. I’m Paul Hamilton, Founder and Broker of Orange West Realty. Buying a home in our region area will be successful and stress free when working with the professionals at Orange West Realty. I’ll guide your journey through real estate and keep you informed as the transaction progresses. I understand the local market and buying market value which will be a massive advantage for you. You can count on me to negotiate a fantastic contract for you so that you get a great deal on your new home. You can focus solely on finding a property that best fits your needs. I can also share suggestions on who you should work with when it comes to renovations, repairs, and staging. I’ll help you find your dream home quickly, allowing you to start enjoying your new house. You can trust your transaction to me.

I can also help you to sell your home. As you progress through your sale, I’ll answer your questions and make sure the broadest audience of potential buyers sees your listing. I’ll also negotiate aggressively but fairly on your behalf. I stand out from the pack because I’m kind, respectful of your time, well-prepared, confident, and humble. I won’t push you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, and it won’t take me days and days to get back to you. My response time is impeccable. When you are selling your house, I’ll be sure to use the best tools to get it noticed and sold as quickly as possible, and for a great price. Don’t delay. Reach out to my office today to schedule your free real estate consultation